What is Arbitration?

What is Armistice – What is Arbitration?

  • Armistice is an online platform providing access to a panel of Arbitrators as set out on the Arbitration Panel tab of the website
  • Arbitration is a binding alternative dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Each party comes together to agree to be bound by the determination the arbitrator

How does it work?

  • Parties can apply through Armistice to schedule a hearing or use the platform to case manage their dispute.
  •  When they sign up for the platform each of the parties to a dispute are given their own secure data room where they can place calls, upload documents securely, leave video messages for each other and use that space as a case management space for all of the persons you required. No one outside of your team has access to your data room
  •  The other side will have their own data room and both parties will have a common shared hearing space.
  •  If lawyers are engaged they will also have a private space on the platform for them to confer.
  • The system can be configured to your requirements.  

How do we prepare for a hearing date?

  • The parties sign an arbitration agreement. This can be tailored depending on the type of dispute.
  • Armistice shall contact the Arbitrators in question and subject to their availability shall make arrangements for suitable dates.
  • The Parties to a dispute lodge a case stated via the Armistice Platform
  • The Arbitrator may, if he or she considers it necessary due to the complexity of the dispute or otherwise hold a preliminary hearing via the platform for case directions
  • The parties will proceed to hearing.
  • A decision will issue from the Arbitrator.
  • Once the decision is acknowledged by the parties all the client data will be securely deleted from our servers.

Is the decision binding?

  • Yes. Under the Arbitration Acts and the Irish Courts have consistently vindicated the rights of the Arbitration process.

How much does it cost?

  • Armistice offers a straightforward and transparent pricing model. There are no hidden fees or charges and it is a flat rate fee per party depending on the value of the dispute. Click here to view our fees.

Why should I consider arbitration?

  • It is CHEAPER than traditional adversarial litigation proceedings
  • It is FASTER than traditional adversarial litigation proceedings
  •  You have access to an exceptional panel of Arbitrators and the CHOICE to elect the arbitrator with the relevant expertise in your dispute area. 
  • Your data is stored and accessed so you have tighter SECURITY
  • You have CONFIDENTIALITY in respect of the existence and outcome of the dispute.

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