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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Armistice is an Irish Alternative Dispute Resolution Technology Platform created to facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes.

With disruptions caused by COVID-19, there is a need for parties who have found themselves in a dispute to explore a mechanism to resolve these disputes quickly, efficiently and effectively. As this is a private dispute, confidentiality is also ensured.

Parties to a dispute register with Armistice, upload their submissions, arrange for directions and a hearing, (if necessary) and ultimately have access to a binding determination in a time frame of weeks. This will allow the parties to bring closure to their matter, so that they can move on from the dispute to focus their energies and resources elsewhere.

Whilst the platform was initially launched to deal with binding commercial arbitration, due to demand, we have in 2023 also expanded into the mediation space.


Utilising our panel of dispute resolution experts

User Friendly Technology
Armistice is an intuitive 100% web-based alternative dispute resolution solution and requires either a phone or a computer with a web camera.
Seamless Integration​
Armistice offers a range of features to streamline your dispute resolution: Realtime streaming, group and private chat, secure document sharing and more.
Secure Online Platform​
Both parties can share files, information and sensitive materials easily, without worrying about data security or compromising confidential documents.

Step 1

Getting Started

Users sign up for the platform and pay the full flat rate fee and any optional hearing fee as required. Preferred dates and preferred arbitrators are identified.

Step 2

Scheduling & Coordination

Armistice will check the availability of the proposed arbitrator and the parties will be required to submit their full legal names to ensure that no conflicts arise between the proposed arbitrator and the parties to the arbitration.

Virtual Dispute Resolution For Businesses

Step 3

Expert Review

The Arbitrator will review the dispute and issue any pre-hearing directions or clarifications as required.

Step 4

Upload Submissions & Supporting Documents

The Submissions and Supporting documents are securly uploaded through We ensure the privacy and security of all documents and the secure sharing of all uploaded data to the appropriate parties only.

dispute resolution

Step 5

Hearing Date is Assigned

A hearing date (if required) is assigned or alternatively a deadline for a return of a decision is directed.

Step 6


The decision is circulated to the parties

Armistice offers a seamless and effective alternative dispute resolution experience for both parties.

Cost Effective

Certainty as to costs and timeframe for the resolution of disputes.


We ensure speed of decisions and finality to disputes.

Experienced Facilitators

We offer an experienced and distinguished panel of arbitrators and mediators.

Witness / Expert Evidence

Hearings, if required can be conducted remotely including witness cross examination.

Remote Hearings

The Parties can hold remote hearings if required to make submissions on complex disputes and hear from relevant witnesses or experts


A binding determination of issues.

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